Under the auspices of HE president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
President Abdulfattah al-Sisi

The Non-Aligned Movement has a crucial role to play in the activation of global solidarity and action mechanisms. Our Movement has great influence that it comprises almost two thirds of the world’s Members of the United Nations. It represents an important and broad framework for coordinating the positions of developing countries on the various political, economic and social issues on the agenda of the international system.

President Al-Sisi, 2020 Non-Aligned Movement summit.
Dr. Eng. Mustafa Madbouly, Egypt Prime Minister during Nasser Fellowship Batch 2

” Egypt was proud to receive young leaders from across Africa, Asia and Latin America to participate in Nasser Fellowship Batch 2.

All leaders and officials around the world attach great importance to youth empowerment in various fields to engage them in the decision-making process.

Also i encourage participants to be Egypt’s ambassadors to their country, recommending them to benefit from their meetings with Egyptian officials and field visits, to learn about Egypt’s efforts to advance its economy and foster its development through various projects to keep up with developed countries.

Dr. Eng. Mustafa Madbouly, Egypt Prime Minister during Nasser Fellowship Batch 2
Prof. Ashraf Sobhy greeting participants, Nasser Batch 2

The Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership provided the young representatives of the three continents with a great opportunity to achieve constructive cooperation in various areas, under the forged relationships between the young leaders from the three continents represented in the fellowship. This in fact reflects Egypt’s international pioneering role and its efforts towards development and reconstruction.

Prof. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports
Ghazaly, Nasser Fellowship Batch 2 closing ceremony

I would like to express my ultimate gratitude to big family and home -Ministry of youth and sports for the great trust I receive from them since the first batch 2019.

I would like also to emphasize that with each new empowerment or assignment I take on my shoulders a larger responsibility towards serving the World youth and pushing them forward.

Finally Egypt is my village… Africa is my Country

Hassan Ghazaly, Nasser Fellowship General Coordinator



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